Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nothing like a little Rock & Roll...

Behati Prinsloo & Julia Dunstall

Very. Best. Friends.

"Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. Maybe you will find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding. But there's also the chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime, the one person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself is the same person who's been standing beside you all along."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Byrdie Bell, Altamira

A great new album

I am very lucky to have wonderful friends, with great musical tastes. They always introduce me to new artists, new albums, etc. and this is one of them...

Emancipator's new album,'Safe in The Steep Cliffs' gives a taste of various sounds from around the world. From the guitar to the violin- original beats are ever present and the new guest artists including Japanese jazz musician Uyama Hiroto, is a definable addition.

Click Here for more information.

These are sounds you will fall in love with... or at least I did.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Breakfast in Breck

One of my favorite places to eat in the small town of Breckenridge, Colorado is the Blue Moose. The pancakes are fluffy, the eggs are fresh, and the atmosphere makes for the perfect place if you're looking for something cozy.

Located on: 540 Main Street, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Skin Savers

Dry skin during winter months is more often than not, inevitable. I always try to have on hand a moisturizing lotion, chap stick, oil, and a hydrating body wash, to keep my skin from getting flaky, itchy and dry.
Jason's Vitamin E Oil as well as Burt's Bees lip balm with Pomegranate Oil, have been two great skin savers this winter. Aveeno also has a great moisturizing body wash and lotion that I haven't been able to live without lately.

A helpful tip: When lotion isn't enough, try mixing it with body oil. It adds a little more nourishment than lotion alone.

Katie Did

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Book to to Love: Elizabeth Gilbert's...Committed

For all of those who were captivated by Eat, Pray, Love tune into this new, refreshingly witty outlook on love and what happens after...

Something for the Mountains

North Face Fleece
Sorrel Boots
Smart Wool Socks
Patagonia Vest
Michael Kors Fur Collar

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ashes and Snow

“In exploring the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals, I am working towards rediscovering the common ground that once existed when people lived in harmony with animals. The images depict a world that is without beginning or end, here or there, past or present.”
—Gregory Colbert, Creator of Ashes and Snow

Gregory Colbert is a Canadian based artist who has spent years traversing the globe in hopes of capturing the profound interaction between humans and animals. Since he began creating his work of Ashes and Snow in 1992, Colbert has undertaken photographic and filming expeditions to locations such as India, Egypt, Burma, Tonga, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Kenya, Antarctica, the Azores, and the Borneo.
Today it is the most attended exhibition by a living artist in history, with over 10 million visitors to date.

See more of his exhibition by clicking: Gregory Colbert's, Ashes and Snow

Anouck Lepere
Stockholm Streetstyle

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oscar de la Renta, 2010

A great cup of coffee...

I went to school in Denver and without a doubt, it will probably remain one of my favorite cities in the United States forever. The people are great, the weather is great, the mountains are great and the coffee shops are without a doubt a notable attribute. In whatever city I live in or even might just be visiting... I seek to find the perfect coffee shop with the perfect cup of coffee and in Denver, Colorado it is Kaladi's. Hours upon hours were spent in college at this coffee shop...

Mark Overly is the owner and founder of the operation. He is the heart and soul of the coffee shop and I will never forget the day he came into my classroom at DU to talk about his experiences in the industry. Before opening Kaladi's in Denver, Overly had already established himself on the A-list of the coffee industry in Anchorage, Alaska. He had everything from money to fame, but the only thing he cared about was making a good cup of coffee. In escape of the increasingly corporate direction that he was heading toward, Mark picked up and moved to Denver.

Upon re-locating, Overly had a quest and that was to have one coffee shop with a heart, soul, and face behind it and that is exactly what Kaladi's has become. He is involved in every step of the coffee making process at his Denver store, offering 20 varieties of coffee that were carefully selected by Mark himself.

In an interview with 5280 Magazine in May 2008, Mark says, "As long as the coffee is good, I'm happy." Perhaps sometimes it really is as simple as that.

If you find yourself in Denver, stop in... I don't think you will be disappointed.

1730 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80210

Monday, January 4, 2010

Being A Little Bit of A Badass...

I know I have talked about her before, but Jane Aldridge is a little bit of a badass. I love the Proenza Schouler lace-up ankle boots she is wearing in these photos. Jane's blog Sea of Shoes never disappoints...