Monday, October 31, 2011

{Happy} Halloween

I can't believe today is the last day in October and Halloween! Can you? It seems crazy to me, but I am happy to be settling back into my apartment in Houston. I have lots of yoga, long runs and time with friends to catch up on. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween. I think I am going to celebrate with an Oktoberfest beer and sitting outside (since you can actually do that now in Houston).

Lots of Love!

image via apt 34

Tulip Louise A/W '11 Lookbook Video

A/W Lookbook '11 from jade Howard on Vimeo.

I just wanted to share this cute styling video done by my friend Anna, from Tulip Louise.



Saturday, October 29, 2011

Go ahead...

I think the worst mistake anyone can make is not living their own life. So go ahead... dare to be you.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! ; )


images via modern hephburn

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Reinvention of Reese

I've loved Reese Witherspoon really since she played her charming role in Sweet Home Alabama. It has still got to be one of my favorite movies. Underneath all of her seemingly sweetness, she also seems very real. She doesn't pretend like her life has been something it isn't. She has had good times, bad times, hard times, easy times and with all of that, she has been fairly open, not pretending that her life is something different. I find it very refreshing!

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue, October Marie Claire US. Lensed by Tesh and styled by Alison Edmond.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Night

Have you all ever had something happen when your whole life becomes pretty unrecognizable? These past two weeks have been a little turned upside down. During this time, I guess all anyone can do is try to stay grounded within themselves when nothing else seems to make sense. I think tonight, I might have to take a hot bath, put on some cozy socks and sit by the fire.

I hope all of you are having a great week! Things work out...

Monday, October 24, 2011

You better Believe It...

When life gets really rough, you take a few deep breaths, remember who you are, remember that no one can take it away from you. Put on your best outfit, and keep walking... with your head up and hopes high.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Lovely molding, Don't ya think...?

The other week my mom and I went to look at all of these different moldings. It can make such a difference in a room and sometimes people rarely ever think about it. I think it makes this entire room. I love! Well that, and the bookshelves, of course!

image via pretty stuff


It has been cold here in Arkansas! Finally! Even though I am up in a hospital every day, I have been preparing my outfits as if I am living a semi-normal life. I have kept most of my cold weather clothes here in Arkansas, thinking I would be back at some point to get them before I needed them... in Houston! So, here I am with all of my winter clothes, thank goodness! Yesterday, I pulled out a pair of skinny jeans, knee-high Frye boots, and a navy blue peacoat. Today, I am thinking a cozy sweater sounds wonderful.

Ohh, how I am loving the cooler weather. : )
Can't wait for ski season!

Wishing all of you wonderful weekend! Stay warm.

image via pretty stuff

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's still here.

Well, this month has been a weird one. My dad has been in the hospital and I think anyone who has ever had a loved one in the hospital knows that time doesn't pass the same way as it normally does when you're sitting in a space day after day staring at the walls, hoping and praying for someone to get better. A day can feel like a month. Thankfully, when I walked outside this morning, I was reminded that not too much time has passed. It is still fall and the best part of all... hopefully my dad will be home soon and life will return to normal. We have had a lot of prayers coming his way. I've never been so thankful to be from a small town in all my life. From the dinners people have made, to the hugs and sweet text messages, I can not be thankful enough for all the sweet love that has surrounded my family during this time. I am so happy to finally be regaining a little sense of self back, from working to blogging and not so much worrying. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far and I will try to get back to my regular blogging schedule. We are having to practice some patience here, but hopefully it will all be good soon enough! Enjoy the day. Get out in the sunshine and do some yoga for me!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Awake My Soul

Again, I skipped another post yesterday. This has just not been a good blogging week for me, but I hope to get back in the swing soon. : )
My current song of the moment is Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons. I love it. The lyrics are wonderful. We sat and listened to three different videos last night and this is one of my favorites. I wish Mumford and Sons would come play in my backyard.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I feel like it's been forever since my last blog entry. Okay, I know that's a little dramatic, but you know those days, weeks, months when you feel like you can't control anything... I've kinda had one of those. Thankfully, as it is hump day, I finally feel over the hump. Thank goodness. Heck, Thank God. I hope all of you are having a great week. I came across this on pretty stuff and I thought it was the perfect advice. Do all things with love. Simple right? Yea, sometimes not so much, but I think it's possible.

In the meantime, keep on keepin' on. : )

Friday, October 7, 2011

Golden Light

Happy Friday!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am home in Arkansas for the weekend and the chill in the air is so nice to wake up to. I love fall! Almost time for carving pumpkins...

Images via Harper's Bazaar

Black & White

Country Kitchen. Yes, please.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lovin' the Leather

I'm not huge on leather, but I am lovin' these leather skirts.

images via musings in feminity

Remembering A Genuis

With the passing of Steve Jobs, I can't help but to feel a loss (I think everyone is). He was such a huge impact in the world. Talk about someone living from his core... He was never afraid to follow his heart. He wasn't afraid to live his own life, which is amazing in a world that is constantly telling us how to live. He believed in his intuition. He believed in following his gut. Sometimes, we don't know why we make the decisions that we do, but when we make a decision coming from our core/gut/heart we can never go wrong. If Steve jobs taught the world anything and everything, one of those things is to live from who you truly are and to be the truest you. Trust yourself. Steve Jobs is proof that having faith, believing in something and following your heart will lead you far better than trying to do, be and live from a place who we are simply not. Steve Jobs was genius, not only for what he created, but how he decided to live his life.

images via Elsa May

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Living Room. Bedroom.

A little living room and bedroom lust.

via marymcdonaldinc. and houzz

From the inside, out

When I stumbled across an article written about Negin Niknejad, I thought to myself "finally!" Negin Niknejad is a fairly new face in the beauty world. She opened a studio in Chelsea with her natural skin line and New Yorker's are flocking. I have very sensitive skin, and any products with chemicals (i.e. the ones you see at the beauty counters in the mall) make me blotchy and red faced and generally, I end up looking like someone has just used my face as a punching bag. Not a good look! Therefore, upon hearing about Negin, I was thrilled! Treating your outsides the same way as your insides is key. To read more about her, check her out in New York mag, HERE. You can also pick up some tips from her on Into The Gloss, such as putting egg whites on your face before you go out. It tightens your skin and takes out the redness... who would have thought!

image via Into The Gloss

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Lovely Monday

You know those days when there isn't a cloud in the sky, the breeze is perfect and you start feeling the click in the seasons? That's exactly how it feels outside. There has been a gentle shift, and it feels wonderful! There is something energizing about the change in seasons. Although, we don't get much of the four seasons here in Houston, you can still feel a little difference. I hope you all have a great Monday. After a weekend of copious quantities of delicious food and wine, it's time do a little detoxing...

This is one of my favorite Green drinks from Whole Family Fare: Apple & Kale (sidenote: I add lemon!)
Check the recipe here.