Monday, August 9, 2010

Love Grown Foods

Over the weekend I was in Denver, Colorado reuniting with my best friends from college (we all went to the University of Denver). The weather was perfect, the mountains were beautiful and it was great to see the girls!
On Saturday, we woke up early and decided to venture out to the Farmers Market located in Cherry Creek. The booths of fresh vegetables, fruits and breads lined the area. People had their dogs, their kids- everyone was walking around happy and healthy. As we wandered the booths, we came across LOVE GROWN FOODS. My friend, Jane had heard of them, but I never had.
We were greeted by Maddy, one of the creators of LOVE GROWN FOODS. She explained that she also went to the University of Denver and when her and Alex (her business partner) were sitting in the DU library, LOVE GROWN FOODS was born. They built a business plan while studying for finals and the rest is history...
They moved to Aspen (Maddy's hometown) after they graduated and got things cookin'! Literally.
LOVE GROWN FOODS has products that are okay to get hooked on. I bought the Apple and Walnut granola on Saturday and today it's almost gone! Free of chemicals and preservatives, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, processed sugar and hydrogenated oil- LOVE GROWN FOODS is perfect for the health conscious as well as for people who love good food.
Do something good for your body!
Check out LOVE GROWN FOODS by clicking HERE.

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