Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Hi friends! Hope you all are well. Life has been busy but good. The studio is going through lots of transitions as we work a new schedule into the mix, as well as new teachers. I am so grateful for all the growth, but it has also added a whole new level to owning a business. My teacher from Houston, Maria, from Yoga Ananda is coming on Sunday and staying for the week to help me out. I am so excited to see her and beyond grateful she is taking the time to come visit. It doesn't quite settle in sometimes that in fact live here in Arkansas and own a yoga studio. Sometimes I look back and think what happened? How did I get here? There are some remnants of what I sometimes feel was my "old life." Which felt much more glamorous than the one I'm living now. However, I am learning to trust where I am and trust the people who have come into my life. It's weird when you start realizing how much things have changed and I am constantly reminded of it living here. I think in so many ways I came back to deal with some things that I didn't deal with before. It's like I've come back to get that part of me that I left behind, hoping in some way to accept all the parts of my life. I have to work on it every single day. It is my yoga just to breathe into the present and let go of everything else. Easier said than done at times. However, I am thankful for the moment and am so blessed to teach this practice. Every single time I get up to teach, everything feels right and in that moment I am reminded that perhaps my life doesn't look like I thought it would, in so many ways it feels like I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. I really hope you all have a wonderful day. PS I am definitely hoping to start writing more and more, writing until anything that might be blocking me is gone!

I posted these three pictures because I absolutely love the fireplace in the first one and really want to add one in my house! I also love what Anne Rice says about writing and am currently looking for a pair of cute boots like the ones above. :)

That's all for today! Enjoy!

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