Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Growing Wings"

I bought the book, Growing Wings a few years ago for my girlfriends as Christmas presents and I loved it so much, I also bought one for myself. I found it this morning tucked away in my bookshelves and with the distinct urge to look at it, I took it down and began reading...
It was as if I was looking at it for the first time. Even though, I was drawn to it several years ago, it didn't resonate then as it does now. The book is full of illustrations by Kristen Jongen and her writing speaks to a person who is going through or who has gone through a "healing process."

As humans, I think we all go through things... and then we often carry them around. We can identify these things as our "stories," "pasts," "pains..." -- It's all the same.

"Growing Wings," is about letting go...
Letting go of the "story", letting go of the pain, and becoming vulnerable again.

Jongen's work can be found in Denver, Colorado at the Artisan Center and in many other cities. I actually didn't know that I had been looking at her artwork there for years, until today when I finally put the pieces together.
Visit online, HERE at Soul Soup if you are interested in her work!

A quote:
Most profound...was discovering that the anchor she had been clinging to so tightly also yielded the rope that bound her feet to the floor in what appeared to be a desperate loss of security....the cord was cut revealing her defining truth
She had wings...and was always intended to fly......

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