Monday, December 19, 2011

Hard as Nails

Lately, I have been changing my nail polish about as often as I've been changing my outfits. For the everyday, I have been loving Essie's Brooch the Subject. To mix it up a bit, I've been embracing my dark side and wearing Over the Edge and Midnight Cami. I usually never choose to wear trendy nail polish, but sometimes you've gotta go out on a limb... For my toes, I've been going with the Scarlett O'Hara red, and that is one thing I haven't changed!

Top to Bottom: 1. Scarlett O'Hara 2. Over the Edge 3. Brooch the Subject

P.S. Last Saturday I wore this- Boom Boom Pow and LOVED it. I highly suggest it for a little holiday cocktail glamour.

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