Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lightening Up...

Good morning my dears. I haven't really had the chance to sit down and write you guys since the last post. I started this post yesterday, got distracted, had meetings and never really got back to the computer after that. I hope all of you are having a great week. I wanted to send many blessings to one of my best friend's who has a birthday today. I want to thank her for being such a source of support for years and years and years. I am forever grateful. 

On a different note, I've been thinking... in the midst of all of this, I've found myself trying to be the perfect yoga teacher, perfect student, perfect everything. I've been exhausting myself. And you know what? All I do is teach and write about loving all the parts of ourselves and being okay with who we are right now, but the person I often forget to give that permission to is myself. I was talking to my mom last night about just how heavy I've felt lately. Heavy heart, heavy load and I am doing this to myself.  Teaching yoga is something I love to do, but as soon as I start thinking it needs to be or look a certain way, I lose the fun. I remember when I was little, and I used to play dress up all the time, I didn't really care what the outfit looked like, I just loved putting it on. The jewels, the dresses, the purses and then I would just walk around the house in them. I remember thinking it was the best thing ever. I think sometimes it can be very easy to get wrapped up in nitty gritty. But, I also think it's very important to remember the magic. Remember the beauty and remember to have fun. 

Wishing you all a very blessed, very magical day. :)


  1. Re-read the fourth agreement. I just did and it was a really great reminder that doing our best doesn't equal being perfect, that our best changes from day to day, and that doing more doesn't serve us or the world. Your best, not perfection, is what you have to strive for. Love you!

  2. Love you too, Lila Blu!!! Miss youuuu!

    P.S. every single time I get up to teach, I take apart of you with me! No matter where we are in the world, you're always my yoga buddy and an endless support system. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to know you! Very grateful you are in my life!