Friday, February 8, 2013

{happy weekend}

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! I was talking to one of my friends in class last night who also owns a small business. She was asking me how I've been doing with everything, and I frankly told her that I have good days and bad days. Days where I feel energized and then days where I am exhausted. Usually, I am exhausted after teaching. I get home about 8:30, make a little something to eat, sit on the couch, turn on the tv and just relax/zone out... but she made an interesting point to me last night. She told me that sometimes it's more energizing to make yourself do something fun. I got to thinking about that and she is probably very right. Since, I've started the yoga studio, I haven't made a ton of time for hanging out with friends or anything else! So... I am going to try to mix in a little more fun. Maybe even get my nails done, which I haven't done since I lived in Houston... October! I also think I am going to take time to do some things around the house. Fun things, of course!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. Do something that makes you "Oh so happy!!" :)

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