Thursday, January 6, 2011

Talking Health.

With the beginning of the New Year comes resolutions... and many people vow to lose weight.
I say, let's try not to focus on the weight. The more I focus on the weight, the more frustrated and hopeless it becomes.
About two years ago, I went on a backpacking trip to the Western Himalayas and it has, since then, continued to influence my view on how much food my body actually needs, as well as what kind of foods give it the most energy.

I lived off of lentils with curry, dal, rice, pasta and chocolate for 5 1/2 weeks and my body had never felt better. Now, I'm not saying we should all adhere to this type of diet, but what I am saying is that I didn't have a scale. Instead, I simply learned how to listen to my body.

As the new year begins I am going to try my best to limit my intake of sugar and processed foods.
I am going to incorporate more proteins, whole grains and vegetables. I would say fruit, but I already consume enough fruit to float a boat!

Here are 18 Winter Power-Food Recipes to check out. Nourish yourself. Love yourself. And give yourself a break...

If you are looking for a fresh start, here is a great cleanse :28 Day Mind + Body Challenge.

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