Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Three Branches Healthy Living

Okay, so with all of the information about nutrition and health at our disposal today, I can't help but notice all the contradictions out there. Do I eat meat? Do I not eat meat? What about soy, what about vitamins? There are a thousand questions that I have all the time and everyone seems to have a different answer for them. When I first stumbled across Three Branches Healthy Living, it was because I was writing about Allison, one of the founders for our bridal magazine (Houston Brides). But, what I quickly came to realize was how her company, vision and insight made sense to me. Chemicals= Bad. Whether toxins are in our food or in the air that we breathe, toxins are very harmful to our bodies. You may be thinking, "duh," but what many people aren't aware of is how overly processed we have become. Allison and Kelly with the help, knowledge and inspiration of their mentor Marilee Nelson, have created an informative website to share what they have learned.

I have poured over the Three Branches Healthy Living site for months now, and it continues to not only make sense, but it also provides information that enables me to make better, more informed choices--from food to my face cleansers!

What's the mission, you might ask... These three women have set out "To empower individuals and families to make choices that significantly improve their quality of life by providing information and products that promote a healthy home and body."

For more information click here to visit: Three Branches Healthy Living

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