Thursday, October 6, 2011

Remembering A Genuis

With the passing of Steve Jobs, I can't help but to feel a loss (I think everyone is). He was such a huge impact in the world. Talk about someone living from his core... He was never afraid to follow his heart. He wasn't afraid to live his own life, which is amazing in a world that is constantly telling us how to live. He believed in his intuition. He believed in following his gut. Sometimes, we don't know why we make the decisions that we do, but when we make a decision coming from our core/gut/heart we can never go wrong. If Steve jobs taught the world anything and everything, one of those things is to live from who you truly are and to be the truest you. Trust yourself. Steve Jobs is proof that having faith, believing in something and following your heart will lead you far better than trying to do, be and live from a place who we are simply not. Steve Jobs was genius, not only for what he created, but how he decided to live his life.

images via Elsa May

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