Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From the inside, out

When I stumbled across an article written about Negin Niknejad, I thought to myself "finally!" Negin Niknejad is a fairly new face in the beauty world. She opened a studio in Chelsea with her natural skin line and New Yorker's are flocking. I have very sensitive skin, and any products with chemicals (i.e. the ones you see at the beauty counters in the mall) make me blotchy and red faced and generally, I end up looking like someone has just used my face as a punching bag. Not a good look! Therefore, upon hearing about Negin, I was thrilled! Treating your outsides the same way as your insides is key. To read more about her, check her out in New York mag, HERE. You can also pick up some tips from her on Into The Gloss, such as putting egg whites on your face before you go out. It tightens your skin and takes out the redness... who would have thought!

image via Into The Gloss

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