Friday, November 11, 2011

San Francisco's Best Breakfast: Plow

I arrived in San Francisco last night and already, I think I've had the two best meals of my life. Last night, Jana took me to Chez Maman in her neighborhood in Potrero Hill. It was the coziest place I've ever been to, with the best butternut squash soup and french fries. This morning we woke up, and headed to Plow. Owned by the same person who happened to give us a free bottle of wine last night (Ruby Wine, thannnk you).
Plow is a tiny, unassuming breakfast hotspot. We got there at 8 this morning and it was crowded! If you happened to be in San Francisco, you must go to these two places. Try the pumpkin pancakes at Plow, I swear they will make your life so much better. :)

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