Friday, March 9, 2012


Yes, let's talk about power. Many of us forget we have power and some of us use our power too much. So what does the balance look like and how do you come from a seat of power without being in your ego?

Well, I was thinking about this earlier today and I think "power" comes from being comfortable with yourself and really owning who you are. Sometimes we find that we have to recognize that we are in fact, powerless to become powerful. These things include changing other people, solving their problems, and controlling their behavior.

It's important to surrender to powerlessness, but it's also important to own your power at the same time. We have the right to set boundaries, say what we need and take care of ourselves and our needs.

Stepping into your own power requires that you let go of anything outside of yourself, and only look inward. You learn to own your power essentially by letting go of all the things that you think defines your life and instead define yourself from the core of who you are... not by the job, relationship, how much money you make or what your social status might be in life. All of that is ever-changing and as soon as we get wrapped up into those things we essentially become a slave to them and we become powerless in our own lives. For a long time, I couldn't have a relationship. Yes, I dated, but I couldn't give of myself fully because I needed to "have" myself first and not get caught up in defining myself in any other way. That way once I did decide to have a relationship... I wouldn't risk losing myself in it so much, because it wouldn't become defining. Does that make sense? If you let go of the outside, you can ebb and flow better on the inside. Letting things pass through you without letting them "make or break you."

This way you can step into something, enjoy it, and let it go...

When you release there isn't a sense of gripping onto anything or holding on when it might not be working for you anymore.

Through stepping into your own power, you can essentially give more of yourself, devote yourself, and love others more because you still have yourself, while giving. Therefore, you can benefit yourself and others without being selfish and without losing who you are!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with all of you! We should all come into ourselves and radiate... let go and be powerful!

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  1. I love this piece!!!
    I have come to believe that life is ALL about keeping our own power AND letting go...........
    Beautiful piece!

  2. Thank you so much, Sharon! I was literally just feeling it that day, so I decided to write about it. :) I'm so happy it resonated with you!!!