Monday, November 23, 2009

Breakfast with Buddha is what I am currently reading and I can't seem to put it down. Upon it's given name I figured this might account from someone's journey with a guru who ultimately changes the man's life etc...
Not so true. It is a story of a guy who in no way is looking to change his life or really even feels as if his life is missing something. He spends half the time questioning his road trip companion and the other half wondering what to eat next.

This book is not some story of amazing Self-Discovery, but more or less a story about looking at life and yourself in a different way.

This is one of my favorite paragraphs:

"If a person could really see it," Rinpoche said to me in a quiet voice, "really see the thing that we just saw as it is truly, without putting a name between his mind and the fact of what you call, in your language, the moon, then that person would have no cup over his good. Do you understand? No armor. That person would not be afraid. That person could love and that person could let another person give him love, and he could feel the ground he walks on like love, and the air he breathes like love."

I said, "I feel the ground I walk on like dirt. So I guess I'm not there yet." Breakfast with Buddha, Roland Merullo

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