Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Time

During the Holidays we seem to be all about indulging... The shopping, the food, the Parties... and let's face it, even though I feel like it should still be October, December is here and I am ready to welcome it with open Arms and a big kiss from my red Lips!

I remember when I was about 5 years old and excited to go to church on Christmas Eve just so I could put on that new dress with my black patent shoes and I will tell you.. nothing about me has really changed...
I love being able to wear Holiday make-up, Holiday clothes... From the furs, to the sweaters, to the Dresses, the holidays usually mean excess... and although it is best to avoid looking like your Christmas tree, have fun with it.

Even if you aren't into all the glitz, you can at least bring out the earrings that you never wear or for some of us we can actually put on make-up and do our hair...

Rollers, Curling Irons and All- Bring it on and with a little bit of Champagne, please!

(Photo by Garance Dore)

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