Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Season of Change

When we think of fall we often associate it with the leaves changing, the air getting cooler, pumpkins and the smell of apple cinnamon. What we often don't associate it with is a time to cleanse and detox your body. Since the weather is getting cooler we often yearn for comfort. We want to slow down, and since "detox" is often in relationship with renewed energy and "shedding the winter layer," it may seem a little counterintuitive. Last month I read an article from Yoga Journal about an Ayurveda detox and yoga diet. As it explained the relationships between the body and the seasons, as well as the elements that govern the seasons it all began to make sense to me. In the summer our bodies build up a lot of heat in the tissues and just as the leaves begin to change our body is becoming tired. We often get sick during this time because of the transition, and lack of ability to break down toxins in our body. In order to get our bodies in alignment, this Ayurvedic detox suggests slowing down, eating a simplified diet, cleansing yoga and some self study or self reflection. Sounds pretty plausible, would you agree? You can read the whole article, HERE if you need some more convincing.

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