Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Give Yourself... A little Love

Good morning my dears! Happy Valentine's day. For some reason, I have always loved Valentine's Day. Not for the sake of romance, or a love relationship, but I think love is a very important gift. Not only is it something you should share with the world, but it is something to give yourself. In the book Happy Yoga, it talks about love unattached from anything else and it's important to love yourself.

“Be love. It’s that simple. If you can, let go of wanting approval. Let go of wanting love. Give yourself some approval, give yourself some love. You may realize that this is enough. If you can let go of resisting who you are, and allow yourself to be, exactly as you are, you might feel a tremendous relief. That is loving yourself.” -Steve Ross, Happy Yoga

image via everlytrue tumblr

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