Monday, February 13, 2012

{Happy Monday}

I hope all of you had a great weekend! I am looking forward to this week to get going on some work, as well as spend some time having fun. When I think of things that I want to do/accomplish, the scariest thought I have is "What if I fail?" Or what if the outcome isn't what I planned?

It's important when doing anything, not to listen to other people's voices and it's even more important not to listen to that little voice in the head, that robs us of our strength to try...

Sometimes we have to let go of anything anyone else has ever said to us, that negatively effects our being.
I was reading an excerpt this morning that really resonated within that sense.

"Respect the power of words and thoughts, both your own and others...
If we're not careful, it's easy for others to cast their spells on us...
How easy it is to not be aware of the process, to walk around with other people's words in our head, taking them as truth, taking them as our own, letting their ideas about us control our lives and beliefs.
We don't have to let others put their spells on us. We don't have to believe what they say."- Melody Beattie

Take that with you today, tomorrow, all week, all month, all year.
Don't let other people define you, control you. It's hard to do at times, but when we become aware of what is true and what isn't, it is easier to sort through the crap if you know what to keep in your heart and head and what to throw away.

Hope you all have a great Monday! : )

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