Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Why Not You?"

Good morning my dears. I came across this quote this morning as I was looking for a little inspiration and thought to myself, "How fitting. This is the story of my life." So often I feel like everyone deserves happiness and to get what they want, but when it comes to myself, I am awesome at getting inside my own head and telling myself things that are ridiculous. "He would never like you." "You will never get that job." "You won't accomplish that..." "Don't be silly, that will never happen..."

It is quite crazy at times. Perhaps this is a natural human response, perhaps it is more prevalent in girls than boys, or perhaps I am the only one who thinks this way... But, I wanted to share it, because the thing is, I believe that we have to be our own best advocate in life. We have to stick up for ourselves, say what we want and believe that we deserve it. If we don't, then the thoughts and fears that we have in our heads will will end up living our lives for us.

Today, perhaps we should all believe that we deserve our own happiness... : )


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