Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Heart Anthropologie

Image via Cashmere and Cupcakes Thank you! I heart you too!

I have always loved Anthropologie. There is something cozy, foreign, soft, feminine, and inspiring not only about their clothes, but the feeling of the store as well. From their off-beat kitchenware to their wonderful books on Audrey Hephburn... Vogue...
Anthropologie has it all and now they are expanding their location sites internationally. They have opened their first store in London and amongst many other endeavors they are also working on a new side project titled "the Anthropologist."
The collaboration includes three extremely creative, talented, and inspiring individuals: David Eustace, Andrew Zuckerman, and Jane Campion.

When I first saw these collections I thought about three things: The Journey, Trust, and Love.

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