Sunday, December 6, 2009

Polish My Mood

I love getting mani/pedis, but I also love painting my nails myself, either way I just love pretty toes and fingernails!
My Favorite place in New York was a few blocks away from my apartment- ASpa located on... I believe it is 17th and Irving. It had every great nail polish I could ever imagine. Essie, OPI, whatever I was in the mood for I could find!
I believe this began my love for Essie products. Right now I am wearing "Pink Glove Service" which is a completely clear polish with just a little touch of pink to enhance the natural color of the nail.

When choosing a polish, people often ask about "what's in style," well... I say forget "what's in style" -go with your mood. I always pay attention to the names of the polishes as well as what the color "says."
Bright Pinks can be so playful, reds can also be playful or formal, a light pink like madamoiselle is great for any occasion. Other light pinks such as "Cute as A Button" and "Hard to Get" are great to have on hand. I also love the berry color of "Swept off my feet..." and the deep cherry of "Clutch me if you Can."

Those are just a few of my all time favorites. Have fun with the colors and don't be afraid to try something new... If you are feeling Bold go Bold, if you are feeling flirty go flirty...

Trust your instinct!

1. Mademoiselle 2. Formal Affair 3. Cute as a Button 4. Swept off my Feet 5. Pink Glove Service
You can find them all on Essie's website.

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