Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From the mind of a not-so-sleepy Yogi

Good Morning, Wednesday! I hope everyone is off to a great start today. Since I have been in Colorado, here there and everywhere, I haven't had too much time for my wonderful yoga classes. I came across this post on Garance Dore and it made me laugh simply because it's how I feel sometimes when it comes to dragging my ass out of bed to get a work out in. Actually, who am I kidding? Honestly, the only days I drag my ass out of bed for yoga are on Saturdays, otherwise a 6am yoga class and I do not mix. Okay, I went once to the 6am class... but because I started to feel nauseated and my body wondered what the heck was going on at 6, when I still could have been in my warm bed sleeping until the light begins to seep in (yes, I'm lucky...) I haven't ventured out that early in awhile. When I did get up really early, I have to say that my thoughts scattered from "oh, why am I doing this. I can barely balance to put on my yoga pants" to "Okay, I am already in my car, no turning back." Upon arrival, and doing my first downward dog of the day, nausea hit and the guy next to me was breathing so loudly, I thought he was snoring. But, by the end of the class it was only 7:15 and I had my whole day set with the feeling that, "yes, I could accomplish anything." Yippee! Wonderful! And upon my ecstatic feeling I then, excitedly told all of my friends that they should join my yoga class...

The end.

To read Garance's post, click HERE. You will find our thoughts to be shared and probably any of you other yogi's out there who wake up at 6, can probably sympathize!

images via Garance Dore

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