Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Good Morning Everyone! Happy Tuesday and Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom!! I am very lucky to get to spend the day with her! She has taught me so much and has instilled in me so many things. She is a constant reminder to love myself, that everything will always work out, to take care of myself, enjoy everything... She has given me a great love for design from clothes to interior design, a love of all things blue and white, love for the mountains and the ocean, she encourages me to travel, eat what I want, live fully, relax, work and love. She is a wonderful painter, mom, wife, friend, skier, horse back rider and so many other things! This is a little thank you to my mom... for being herself and in turn teaching me to be myself. And she is never to busy to take my phone call... : ) Mom's are the best! Send your mama some love today, near or far, here or there!

PS. My brother's bday was on Sunday and my late grandmother's bday was yesterday... so many bday's and so thankful to have such a wonderful older brother who always stands by me!
images via pretty stuff, dust jacket

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