Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Lately, I have been thinking about what it means to come from a place of "allowing." Allowing life to happen to us and being open to it, instead of feeling like we have to fight to get what we want. There are so many things that we want... a better job, a great relationship... when it comes down to it, all we can do is put ourselves in situations for good things to happen to us, but overall we really don't make anything happen. We "allow" it to happen. It's natural to want to control things and often we make decisions about things before they can even happen. For instance, when we meet someone and want to date them we automatically make it up in our minds that it should work out. I was talking to my brother the other day about relationships and sometimes we meet someone we like and we think, "oh I want to date them," without even really knowing them. The relationship is coming from a place of "getting," and in turn the relationship can become an unhealthy version of trying to please the other person, or a constant fight to show them how great you are. If we come from a sense of allowing, we aren't trying to make it happen, it just happens. We don't have to prove ourselves. We don't have to try to be something we might not be. There's no worry because when you allow, you're authentic. I was reading Baron Baptiste's book this morning, and he says, "When we control things that we are not meant to control, we are interfering with our natural success and potential... Trying to control all the instability and uncertainty is crazy-making and exhausting, and it creates disease. No matter what the circumstances happen to be, the way of the universe is for all things to move in the direction of healing, that is wholeness. The body wants to heal itself, our emotional body is seeking balance; however we need to get ourselves out of the way in order for our natural health to shine through. We need to totally lose control, and this scares the heaven out of us....
We are always fighting. We are fighting for the job, we're fighting for the relationship, we're fighting our partner or parents to be a certain way, we're fighting to maintain our fixed agendas. We're fighting to get people to understand us, we're fighting to get our body a certain way, we're fighting to make money, we're fighting to avoid failure, we're fighting for the next success, we're fighting to be what we think we should be. All this fighting hardens us, contracts us and makes us sick. Fighting has to do with getting. And a get state of mind is not a healthy state of mind. When we put out a get mentality, we'll be got. But when we relax, we receive."

I think sometimes the best things in life are the things we weren't planning on... from relationships, to jobs, to life's process in general. When we allow for the universe to take care of things, often things happen that we would have never planned on, but they end up being exactly what we need. For this Tuesday, allow life to happen. Open up to all the possibilities, because most of the time I think life has a plan, and it's better than anything we could have ever dreamed of ourselves.

If your interested Baron Baptiste teaches a power vinyasa flow and has a great book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution, I highly suggest checking it out! It has so many great insights. 

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