Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Be Nice to Yourself

So, I used to think that if I wasn't struggling, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, accomplishing, accomplishing, accomplishing, then I somehow didn't deserve anything good. After years of this kind of thinking, I still struggle with the ability to "be kind to myself." Just the other day my mom even pointed out to me, that I am actually the meanest person to myself. When she said this, I looked at her and thought... hmm...  I am. I am actually harder on myself than anyone else actually ever could be on me.

I think a lot of us probably are. The truth is, at some point, it's okay to really enjoy yourself, your life and all the things in it.

You don't have to "earn" the right to be happy.

Just remember that.

Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday.

P.S. During my yoga teacher training we had to pick a population that we would want to teach. I chose people in recovery. Here's an interview with Tommy Rosen that I quite enjoyed.... Recovery can be anything from addiction, to eating disorders... basically any type of self-destructive behavior. It's pretty interesting. I'll probably do a post on the topic in a few days!

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