Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I will, I will, I will

I stumbled across this yesterday and I absolutely love it. Such a nice reminder to believe in and get to know yourself. To learn that you deserve the best and to walk away when it isn't working... It's necessary to recognize what your heart needs and wants, as well as how it wants to share with others. It's important to know your body, it's wounds, it's scars and to take care of yourself.

Most of all it's important to be honest. With all of your heart, be honest.

Lots of love and light to all of you!

And thanks for stopping by.

image via pinterest


  1. Sarah, I love this - so good to be reminded of all these things. I love the first line - reminds me of that "unattachment" we've been talking about, and not taking things personally.

    It's a learning process, this growing up. I think most it's about being ok asking for what we need, and starting to realize what exactly that means.


    1. I completely agree! It is such a learning process, and I feel like I'm just now realizing that it's okay to ask for what I need. I think sometimes as kids and just in life in general we think if we ask for what we need then we are being selfish, but I think growing up is learning that first and foremost you have to be true to yourself. Love yourself. Then you can open up and share it. :)

  2. Hey, Sarah! I'm glad I found yr comment on my blog. It got sent into my spam somehow. But I dug it out! I love your blog and I loved the poem at the top of this entry. Thanks so much for sharing it. :)