Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Enjoy Summer

Taking the day for a little time to soak up the sun and relax. Since it has been pretty hectic lately, taking the time to rest and absorb everything feels very necessary. Teaching yesterday felt almost surreal. I loved every second of it. Even the mistakes I made, I still loved them because I know they will only teach me to be better for my next class. Never in my life have I felt so aligned with something. I used to think everything needed to be "hard." Life needed to be "hard"-- It wasn't really work, unless it was difficult. It is only once I learned that it was okay to go ahead and love my life, that I started allowing good things to happen. I stopped beating my head up against a wall, and stopped beating myself up. Sometimes we have to learn how to experience joy without feeling guilty.

"Each moment of our lives is important. Each moment of our lives is a spiritual experience. To live fully in joy, we need to learn to enjoy the good times as well as weather the storms. Most of us are proficient at hunkering down and getting through the winters of our lives. Now, it's time to learn something different. 
Take off your heavy wrap. Grab your straw hat and go bask in the sun. Tomorrow's lessons will take care of themselves. Today the lesson is learning to enjoy summer."- Journey to the Heart, Melody Beattie

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