Tuesday, August 28, 2012


... That something fabulous is going to happen today!

Continuing the inspiration from yesterday after chatting with my friend Kelly and teacher Maria, I wanted to share with you guys something Maria told us. She traveled to the Omega Institute in early August and one of the women there was talking about her childhood growing up, and her children now. She said that her parents, and now as a parent, she tells her kids before they leave for school that something fabulous is surely to happen to them during the day, and tells them to let her know what it is at the dinner table. Maria said that the woman always came home with little tid bits about her fabulous day, and now her kids do it too. When they get home, she said that no matter what, they either talk about someone sharing something with them, or something else that was just "fabulous." No act of kindness is too big or too small. I started thinking about that and life in general. Each morning we can either wake up with fear of the day, or wake up thinking that something fabulous is going to happen to us.

So, today, believe that something fabulous is going to happen!

image via HRB

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