Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sunny Disposition

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope your Monday went smoothly. I actually had some moments of clarity yesterday. Finally! Turns out some time by myself, a run and some breathing exercises seemed to help calm me down enough to step out of some big fear. I'm sure there will be more times of anxiousness and unsure moments, but that comes with change. I posted a quote about change a couple of weeks ago, "The good stuff can scare us. Change, even good change, can be frightening. In some ways, good changes can be more frightening than the hard times.- Melody Beattie I just wanted to share it with you all again, because I think it's so true.

And since it's still extremely hot outside, it's hard to imagine September rolling around any time soon, and even further than that seems the arrival of fall. As I start daydreaming about chunky sweaters, boots and being able to step outside without panting, I am still scouring my wardrobe for lightweight comfort. I'm not quite ready to give up my sun dresses and shorts yet, but I am getting excited for a change of season, perhaps a change of address and some terrifying exciting new adventures! :) 

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