Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

Good morning loves. I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday! Last night, I started getting frantic about all the things I need to accomplish. The big things. The life things. I started feeling like I haven't done enough, accomplished enough and the feeling led to tears.

I usually read before going to sleep and I came across this passage called The Pain of Becoming. It says:

"We do ourselves a great disservice by judging where we are in comparison to some final destination. This is one of the pains of aspiring to become something: the stage of development we are in is always seen against the imaginary landscape of what we are striving for. So where we are-- though closer all the time-- is never quite enough. The simple rose, at each moment of its slow blossoming, is as open as it can be. The same is true for our lives. In each stage of our unfolding, we are stretched as possible. For the human heart is quite slow to blossom, and is only seen as lacking when compared to the imagined person we'd like to become." -- The Book of Awakening

I thought this was so true and such a great reminder. We can't really force ourselves to grow any quicker than we already are. We have to be patient with ourselves, as well as patient with  life. Ah, for me it sounds so easy, but lately I have been having the toughest time with this. But, hopefully some yoga + breathing + having a little more faith will help me out on this.

Wishing you a very wonderful weekend. :) Lots of love and light.

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