Monday, September 10, 2012


I love this quote. I spotted it earlier this morning, and felt it resonate within me to the core as I read it. Perhaps because I feel like I am going through such a transition period. Last night I got to thinking about my need to figure things out... to always "know." I have frustrated myself time and time again, trying to think of all the possibilities and "what ifs" about moving to Arkansas. What if it doesn't work, what if this is a terrible idea, what if I should stay in Houston, what if I completely fail? I read something yesterday, that I thought was pretty helpful about trying to gain perspective when we don't know the answers. The true fact is sometimes most of the time we just don't know... actually we almost never know how something will turn out.

In the Language of Letting Go it says, "Too often, we try to gain clear perspective before it's time. That will make us crazy. We do not always know why things are happening the way they are. We do not always know how a particular relationship will work out. We do not always know understand the source of our feelings, why we've been led down a particular path, what is being worked out in us, what we are learning, why we had to wait, why we needed to through a time of discipline or why a door closed. How our present circumstances will work into a larger scheme of events is not always clear to us. That is how it needs to be. Perspective will come in retrospect. We could strain for hours today for the meaning of something that may come next year. Let it go. We can let go of our need to figure things out, to feel in control. Now is the time to be. To feel. To go through it. To allow things to happen. To learn. To let whatever is being worked out take its course. In hindsight, we will know. It will become clear. For today, being is enough. We have been told that all things work out for good in our life. We can trust that to happen... "

As we begin to come into our own lives, the lives that we want for ourselves and the lives that feel right in our hearts and our souls, it can be a scary feeling. I often feel that so much of my life, has led me to exactly where I am today, with the desire to create a space where people can come to nourish themselves. I was given that the day I walked into Yoga Ananda in Houston. It was as if for the first time, I felt that I didn't have to be anyone, except who I truly am. I am not really sure why that is, all I know is that when I started doing yoga and especially teaching it, something inside of me clicked and it was as if all the pieces of the puzzle suddenly fit, and I knew right then and there that this was something I will do forever... I will forever come to my mat and I will forever want to share it with others. Sometimes, I think the hardest part isn't figuring out what to do, but it is having the courage to go for it. So, I think this week, I am going to ask the universe for courage and guidance. And I will put simple trust in the truth that all is well, events are unfolding as they should, and all will work out for good-- better than anything we could ever dream into being!

Maybe this week, if you're feeling like you need courage or maybe strength or guidance, we can manifest it all together. I think sometimes I've been afraid of happiness, or truly receiving anything... don't be afraid of your own light, and I will try not to be afraid of mine!

Lots of love to you all!

Happy Monday!

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