Friday, September 7, 2012

Trust the Timing

It's really easy to want to rush things along. A lot of times in my life, I've thought well I need to rush to make something of myself, rush to meet the perfect man, rush to have to have the perfect life. But, one thing we know to be true is that there is no perfect life and there is no way we can master timing on our own. One of the biggest things in my life that allows me to have the most faith, is that looking back on everything, the timing has always been right... I just didn't necessarily believe it. I have tons of friends getting married, and sometimes when I look around, I think that everyone else has been given the perfect life, but me. However, I know that we all have our own paths and our journeys. God always gives us what we need, and for each of us, it's different. I've talked a lot in my yoga classes lately about surrendering, surrendering our plan that we have to something greater, and not settling for something that might not be right just because it's easier, looks better or sounds more fun. It's really easy to settle, it is much harder to wait-- because when things are right, I believe you just know. There aren't any questions and things fall into place, we just can't rush the process. Trust the timing of your heart, your growth and the lessons you are learning. The rhythm of nature is patience. :)

I hope you all have a really great weekend! I'm hoping to get some good yoga in this weekend and I'm excited about it!

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