Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Italy & Spain

                                                  (The little town of Positano)

Good morning, my dears! I'm back!!! After a wonderful trip to Italy and a beautiful wedding in Spain, we got in last night with a serious case of jet lag and a vacation hangover. It was one of the most beautiful trips I have ever taken! We stayed in a little town called Positano in Italy on the Amalfi coast. The Amalfi coast was everything I had seen in pictures and more! Just breath taking! We woke up every morning to a wonderful breakfast of fresh fruit, pastries, delicious coffee, but the best part was the view over looking the Mediterranean Sea. The first day we walked around Positano, found some great antique shops, and ceramics. The second day, we took a boat to Capri, and Sorrento-- both are wonderful places! My brother and I jumped in the Mediterranean together, we swam, sun-bathed and just hung out. The next day, my mom and I went shopping, where I picked up some new plates. :) My friend in Texas has them, and I've always wondered where she got them from, my answer: Italy!
After three really great days in Italy, we headed to Spain for a wedding, that tops every wedding I have ever been to! It was absolutely beautiful and the best part was seeing one of my best guy friends, since I was itty-bitty, happy. The rehearsal dinner lasted until 2:30 in the morning, the next day we woke up at 11:00, I taught a morning yoga class and then we got ready for the wedding, which lasted until 6am. It was quite a challenge the next morning to wake up at 8am and head to Barcelona, but it was worth it. I haven't been to Barcelona since I studied abroad, 6 years ago! It was awesome. All the influence of Gaudi was amazing, and the Cathedral is now finished! Woohoo. So in a nut shell, that was our trip! One of the best parts about traveling is coming home. I missed my sweet doggie, and my American food. :) Yes, I am very proud to be an American, but wouldn't know it if I didn't travel.

I will be back to my regular programming this week. Very happy to be back!!!

 This is our beautiful view in Positano, while eating breakfast!
 First day: Breakfast time! I love the little individual coffee pots and creamers!
My main wardrobe consisted of stripes while we were there! And, I never leave home without my jean jacket!
My brother on the boat ride to Capri!
 My new plates! All in different colors, animals, shapes and sizes.
 Me and my brother at Hotel de Arts in Barcelona! Our room was pretty great!
 Sagrada de Familia // Gaudi.
These next couple of photos are inside the Sagrada de Familia. It was absolutely beautiful with so much light!

Our day in Barcelona was perfectly sunny, perfectly clear! Feeling so blessed to have had the opportunity to go on such a great trip...

Wedding photos and maybe some more detail shots to come!!

Love to you all on this Wednesday!!! Have a great one!

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