Monday, October 1, 2012

Ready, Willing, and Able...

Happy Monday morning my dears and happy October! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was spent relaxing. I made the spinach orzo soup, as seen below, along with some baked chicken and spice pumpkin bread cookies with chocolate chips for dessert. Want to know a quick secret about the spice pumpkin cookies? All you need is a can of pumpkin and either Pilsbury pumpkin bread mix or Duncan Hines spice cake mix. Either one works! You pour the mix into a bowl, add the pumpkin, pop it in the oven, and voilá! Don't believe it? See recipe, here. It's delicious and easy! Perfect for fall!

On another note... I have quite a bit going on this week, and have contracted the sniffles. Hopefully, it is just allergies... but I'm telling you, with everything I have going on right now, I feel like I have never been so prone to colds and hurting myself (sniffles + stomach bug about a month ago and a pulled stomach muscle this summer, and a sprained ankle that I got just a couple days ago)!  I know that probably doesn't sound like a lot, but it feels like a series of mishaps. Usually I rarely get colds or stomach bugs, and I'm not usually one to get hurt. However, maybe it is God's way of slowing me down, making me take time outs to think and just be... not always doing, doing, doing or going, going, going. I am happy that I quickly recovered from each of these minor ailments :) and my ankle is rapidly improving (thank goodness)! However, this does make me think a lot about alignment. When we are aligned mind, body and soul, I feel like we go along, relatively well with everything clicking right along with us. But, when we are in times of in-between, like I am, we can be thrown off and I think during these times we have to get ourselves a lot of tender loving care. So, if you are in a transition period like I am, remember to give yourself a little time each day to just be and be thankful for the times that push you. I feel like I am definitely in one of those places that forces me to think about what I really want, who I am at this time in my life, and how I want to live and be in the world. We don't really make these decisions, often times they are made for us through a series of small decisions. But, I think there does come a time when we decide what's important and we feel the call to go do it...

Just about every day I read from Melody Beattie's, Journey to the Heart and I found her entry for October 1st to be pretty fitting. It says, "Are you ready, willing, and able? Have you cleared the path you want to travel? Are you ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to have what you want? Decide what you want. Be as clear as you can be. Say it. Write it. Share your idea with a friend. Then ask yourself if you are ready, willing and able to do what it takes to have what you want? Ask yourself that question as often as you need to. Watch how you feel when you say what you want. Look for objections, blocks within, obstacles in your path. Look closely at yourself, your fears, your angers, your resistance. Let your feelings come up, acknowledge them, then let them go. One after another remove the blocks until the path you want to travel is clear. Remove the obstacles until you can clearly see your vision and your voice strong and clear: I'm ready willing and able to have what I want and it's in my highest good. The way to your dreams, the way to make your visions come alive is by taking a journey inside your soul. Are you ready, willing, and able to have what you want? Do you believe it when you hear yourself say it? When you do, the road will be clear, and you'll be ready to travel the path you desire."

So, with that, just remember that you are willing and able, all you have to do is decide whether you're ready or not. If the seed is planted in our minds, if the vision is there, then I believe we are... it's just finding the strength to go for it! :)

Happy Monday, again! And just remember to be bold and go for it!

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