Thursday, August 4, 2011

ahhh, yes.

When you hit those sweet spots in life, when you know that everything is exactly as it should be, even though you didn't plan on it... those are some pretty good moments. You kick off your heels and start dancing, because the music is good and you feel it. Enjoy all the moments. Be present.

"Presence is a gift- staying fully present for friends, family, ourselves, other people's lives and ours. So often we've learned out of habit or fear, to be only partially present, partially conscious... There's another way, a better way. One where we keep our hearts open and know what we feel. We take the risk of being vulnerable enough to share who we really are and to allow others to do the same. We become fully present for each moment and each person..."- Melody Beattie

image via prettystuff

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