Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy August!

Sometimes people come into your life to open you up again, to introduce you to things that you normally would have never known, to share with you who they are and to show you how to love and trust again. They may not stay forever, because they simply are not meant to. They are part of a healing process. As they give something to you, in return you give something to them. You learn what love looks like and feels like again. You hold onto the gift that they have given you, and even when it's time to say goodbye, it's sweet. Just because it it may not be forever with that person, doesn't mean it didn't work out. It worked out in exactly the way it was supposed to. And through the process you learn more about yourself, and take into account that the person who does stay forever has to have qualities that you just experienced. So take every person that comes into your life as a a gift to you from the universe. Learn to receive love and the sunshine on your face as they kiss you goodbye. Send them back to the universe with love and thank the universe for sending you someone so wonderful. Because it is truly wonderful when someone comes into your life, that doesn't try to take anything from you. They give, you give... and that's all.

Enjoy the process. Every moment of it... Because the universe is always teaching.... You just have to be patient and follow it's lead.

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