Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mad Dash...

Hello all! Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a great one. Sorry for the delayed post, my whole day has been on delay and I've been doing a mad dash to keep up. Finally, catching my breath a little, I stumbled across these lovely rooms and as soon as I saw the turtle shell on the wall, I had to write about it. You might ask why? Well Meg Lonergan of LeSueur Interiors has incredible taste and she loves turtle shells. She has two on her living room wall, and they are pretty awesome. Anyway, Gregory Mellor is an interior designer in Sydney and South Africa, and he also happens to have a love for turtle shells. See the connection? I had honestly never really seen turtle shells on the wall before until I met Meg, and now I seem to be seeing them all over the place. What do you think? Would you want one on your wall? I think they're pretty unique... a very cool idea.

PS All images via Two Ellie-Two Ellie

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