Monday, August 29, 2011

Obsession Confession

Biscoff. Yes, I am in love with Biscoff spread. Have you all had it? It's ridiculously good and a great alternative to peanut butter. You can put it on crackers, waffles, apples... or make cookies, pudding, etc. if you decide to be adventurous. Either way, Biscoff + graham crackers=love. Don't judge until you've tried it...


  1. oh my goodness gracious!!! I baked browned butter oatmeal bars and made a biscoff spread butter cream frosting to go right on top. {gasp}. planning to post about it soon!

    So glad we can share in this obsession.


  2. Yay!! hahaha another kindred love for something. geeze. We must have been separated at birth! Can't wait to see your post on this magnificent treat. And reaaallllly can't wait to hear how New Orleans went! : )