Thursday, August 25, 2011

New York Skinny...

Girls have enough pressure in life to be skinny, but in New York it's magnified, especially if you work in the fashion industry. After quite a lot of time spent being in New York, (in the building of 4 Times Square) I became a spectator of girls who had perfectly manicured nails and coifed hair. They really added a whole new meaning to the term "put together." I had no idea how they managed to look so perfect every single day. My hair was/is always wildly flying everywhere and well, no matter what it seemed impossible to keep up. Plus, I wasn't sure I wanted to change myself to try to fit in, eeks. I wasn't even sure how to go about doing that...
But, I still admire those girls, and every once in awhile I miss being the less put together girl among them.

After having moved out of NYC, I had always thought that it must have been just me that felt this way about New York girls, until recently I read Garance Dore's post about being "New York Skinny". I died laughing. I feel like all girls can relate in some way... so I decided to share it with you.

Garance is from Paris, and having recently moved to NYC, she realizes that New York girls do lunch a little differently than they did in Paris and the level of "skinny" is on a whole new scale.

Read here: NY Skinny vs Paris Skinny

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